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Absence and tardies

A parent or guardian may clear an absence by calling our absence line (317-5300)

and pressing  “3” at the recording. If a student is absent, please phone the office on

that same day.

Another way to clear an absence, is to bring a note from the parent or guardian that

includes the following information: name of student, date of absence, reason for

absence and signature of parent/guardian. The parent or guardian must make every

effort to clear the absence on or before the day the student returns to school.

Students are expected to be at school ON TIME each day as being late to school impacts your

student's learning progress and student achievement and the learning of others.

Parents and guardians will be notified when their

child exhibits chronic tardiness (truancy) and appropriate consequences will be enforced.


Three or more unexcused absences and/or  tardies may result in the parent or guardian being scheduled

for one of the monthly  H.A.R.T. (Hillside Attendance Review Team) meeting with school and district

administration. More severe attendance problems will be referred to the Child Welfare

Attendance Office for a S.A.R.B. (School Attendance Review Board) hearing.

Parents and Guardians are urged to request an Independent Study Contract when a

student will miss 5 days of school or more due to an extended illness. The contract

will list the assignment(s) the student must complete due to the absence. Parents/

guardians are responsible for verifying that assignments are completed and

returned to the teacher on the agreed upon date of return to school. With an

independent study contract, absences are recorded as excused, the school verifies

positive attendance, and your child’s attendance record does not reflect unexcused

absences. These contracts are available in the school office. The school office

must be notified at least 5 school days in advance of a planned absence due to

illness, surgery or other medical procedures.



7:55 AM - First Bell Rings

8:00 AM - Instruction Begins





Be respectful              Be responsible               Be safe


All students are expected to adhere to the following expectations for success at Hillside Elementary School:

1.      Students will show respect and courtesy to all students and adults.

2.     Students will show respect for school property.

3.     Students will follow classroom rules.

4.     Students will follow playground rules.

5.     Students will follow hallway rules.

6.     Students will follow cafeteria rules.

7.     Everyone will maintain a physically safe learning environment.


When students do not meet these expectations, they will be subject to the following consequences:

Code Category Possible consequences
I Very serious Suspension or recommendation for expulsion
II More serious

Teacher-student meeting, parent phone call, meeting with administrator, in house suspension or suspension

III Less serious Recess/lunch/office detention, community service, parent phone call.


Level Behaviors

1.      Students will show respect and courtesy to all students and adults. 

II or III                                  

Students will keep their hands, feet and bodies to themselves.

·         Pushing, wrestling, play wrestling or tripping are not allowed

·         Kicking is not allowed

·         Spitting is not allowed

·         Tackling is not allowed


There will be no derogatory slurs

I or

There will be no instigation of fights or conflicts between other students

III There will be no name-calling
I or

There will be no intimidation


There will be no verbal harassment


Profanity will not be allowed on campus, even if not directed to anyone specific


Profanity will not be directed toward another student


Any of the above behaviors manifested towards teachers or staff members


2.     Students will show respect for school property


Students will throw trash in trashcans

I or I

Students will not deface school buildings or property


Students are not allowed to bring or chew gum or sunflower seeds at school


Candy will not be eaten at school unless it is part of a school lunch or activity.


3.     Students will follow classroom rules

I II or II

Students are expected to do what the teacher asks.

II or II

Students are expected to follow the rules of the Internet Policy


Students may not leave the classroom to go to the office or another classroom without a pass from the teacher


Students may not bring pets, toys, electronics, game cards or sports equipment to school. 


Students are expected to use the bathroom during recess time, or when they have received permission from their teacher. 


Students will not play or gather in the bathroom.


4.     Students will follow playground rules


Students may not exclude any students from a game.


Students must observe rules of good sportsmanship


Tackle football and other contact sports are not permitted

II or 

Rough play is not permitted


Running and chasing is not permitted on the blacktop, except in designated areas during P.E.


At the ringing of the bell, all play stops and children ‘freeze’. When the whistle blows, students hold play equipment and walk to their line promptly.

Children out on the field will run to the blacktop and then walk to line.


Students may not get water or use the bathroom after the bell rings.


Students may not play tag in the play structure.


Students must keep hands on the bars in the play structure at all times


Students must have a pass to leave the playground to go to the office or classroom


Students will remain in designated play areas and will stay inside the red line of the playground.


Students will not bring food on to the playground

I o II

Students will not throw or kick any object such as rocks, dirt clods, mud, sticks, etc. 


5.     Students will follow the hallway rules


Students will only be outside of the classroom or lunchroom with a staff member’s permission.


Everyone will walk appropriately in the hallways and walkways at all times


Classes will walk through the hallways without talking


Students will not disturb other classes when walking in the hallways (do not knock on classroom doors without an appropriate reason)


Students will walk in the hallways with a buddy or staff person, never alone.


6.      Students will follow the cafeteria rules.


Students will enter and exit the cafeteria in a quiet and orderly manner.


Students will show respect for others in the cafeteria.


Students will only handle their own lunch card.


Students will remain seated at their own table until dismissed or they receive permission to.


Students are expected to use good table manners and talk in a soft voice while in the cafeteria.


Students are expected to clean up after themselves.


Students will form a line to empty their tray and milk carton


Students will walk to the playground


7.     Everyone will maintain a physically safe learning environment.

I No one will fight.
I No one will bite

No one will commit assault and battery (one student is injuring another student and that student is not fighting back.)